We are Intrapreneur Nation and we're on a mission to make ALL businesses as entrepreneurial as startups. 

Who Are We?

We're corporate escapees with 10+ years of startup experience.

We've been there when corporations have tried to apply their existing system of corporate accountability to innovative new projects. And we've seen first-hand how startups command a complementary set of management skills designed for conditions of extreme uncertainty.  

Now we're on a mission to bring those management skills to all businesses, so that EVERYONE can be as entrepreneurial as startups.

Innovation... Meet Entrepreneurship

Finally, the world is beginning to realize that innovation and entrepreneurship are two sides of the same coin.
It's called intrapreneurship.

An Uncertain World

As business leaders we strive to create the products and services that customers want, and for most of the industrial age, the limiting factor has been the means of production. Overcoming this meant investing in efficiencies of all kinds. Lower production costs. Fewer defects. Faster distribution. The companies that could scale whilst developing the most efficient processes won.

But today, thanks to globalization, the way in which automation and IT tend to destroy competitive "moats" that companies have created around their products and services, and endless choice in nearly every competitive niche, the buyer has total control. They only choose products and services they genuinely enjoy. And these days that goes for B2B services too.

The Modern Company

Scale and efficiency are no longer enough. A modern company has to have the capability to produce products with great reliability and quality, but also to discover what new products to produce. A company that is disciplined in the rigorous execution of its core business—because without discipline, no innovation is possible—but it also employs a complementary set of entrepreneurial management tools for dealing with situations of extreme uncertainty.

The Questions To Ask...

  • If an employee at your company had an absolutely brilliant idea that would unlock a dramatic new source of growth for your company, how would they get it implemented?
  • Does your company have a well-understood process for testing a new idea, to see if it is actually any good?
  • Does your company have the management tools necessary to scale this idea up to maximum impact, even if it doesn’t align with any of the company’s current lines of business?

Our Experience Says Not...

If you're like most companies, you're still working with business plans, Gantt charts and business case justification documents. These don’t work with innovation projects – because the “fantasy plan” of the original pitch is often far too optimistic, and contains far too many unknowns to be used as a real forecast.

But managers, lacking any other system to use, need something to hold on to. Without an alternative, they cling to the plan — even if it’s just a made up one.

A Better Way

Entrepreneurial Management

At Intrapreneur Nation, we help companies go beyond the innovation "fluff". (The world doesn't need another guru to tell businesses to "move faster" or "think outside the box".)

We help companies implement proven, scientific, entrepreneurial management processes, tools and structures to deliver the "how" of intrapreneurship: fast failure* through deliberate, structured and rigorous experimentation.

(P.S. If you're not yet versed in startup language, fast failure is a GOOD thing!)

If you're still reading, then maybe we've got your attention.  
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