The Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

How can we use the Lean Canvas if the primary goal is not to earn money, but instead to deliver an internal project? In other words, how can we adapt the Lean Canvas for internal projects? We find that many internal project teams tend to have difficulty at first translating the language of the Lean […]

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How To Write a Problem Statement for Your Business Idea

Problem Statement Canvas

BONUS Material: Problem Statement Canvas A problem statement is a short and succinct definition of the problem you plan to solve and why it’s important. The problem statement is crucially important for your internal startup. You need to be able to articulate the problem you’re solving in very simply terms. Why? Because it’s the first […]

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How to Choose a Beachhead Market for your Corporate Startup


Bonus Material: Target Market Evaluation Canvas A beachhead market is the segment of the entire marketplace that you want to conquer first with your internal startup idea. The term derives from the military concept of a beachhead – it’s a market that should be easy to capture, strategically valuable and give you a foothold from […]

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