March 11

What If Someone Steals My Idea?

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You’ve probably heard people say it. You must have thought it…

“I don’t want to talk about my idea. Someone could steal it.”

It’s human nature. And there’s a name for it: Innovator’s Bias.

We are all biased to believe that our own idea is the best (possibly only) idea that could succeed.

As a result, we tend to keep our ideas secret. We’ll share them “one day”… When we are ready.

But there’s a big problem with that approach…

Ideas in secret die in secret.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people tell me that they had the very same idea that some successful entrepreneur just launched. What might have happened if they hadn’t kept their idea secret?

Would someone have stolen it?


Even if they did like your idea, they probably won’t have the time, money or passion for the idea that you do.

In fact, they probably have their own ideas that they are keeping secret and are much more attached to than yours!

Innovator’s Bias again!

Build support for your idea.

To make your idea reality, you need to start talking about it.

Here are three quick tips to get started.

1/ Talk to people about the problem you see. Find other people who also think it’s a problem. See if you can persuade those who aren’t convinced. Figure out which arguments win them over.

2/ Build your tribe. Start to seed your idea with people who agree there’s a problem. Get feedback. Listen carefully. Iterate and improve.

3/ Make friends with the gatekeepers. Think about all the people with vested interests who might block you. Build relationships with them. You’ll need these relationships later.

So go to it!

Start sharing your ideas. The more people you share them with, the more likely they are to become real.

If you really want to make your idea happen, the best person to do it is you!

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