Intrapreneurship Mastery Training Programme

A cohort-based course where you'll learn how to create the products and services customers really want and will pay for (as quickly as a start-up).

Internal Startup Team Brainstorming

But unlike other innovation courses, you will put your learning into practice by building your idea step-by-step alongside our coaches over 2-3 months.

Quiz: Is Intrapreneurship Mastery right for you?

Do you want more innovation at your company, but lack an established process?

Are you struggling to piece together all the different tools and frameworks into a coherent process
Do you need systems to generate and choose better ideas?

Have you started an innovation project, but you're not getting the progress you want?

Is company bureaucracy holding you back?
Or are you hacking away adding new features, but never getting any traction?

Do you have plenty of ideas, but find people disagree on which ones to take forward?

Do bosses dismiss your ideas?
Do you wish there was some way to filter out the high-risk, low-reward ideas in advance? 
Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

If any of these sound familiar...

Then Intrapreneurship Mastery was built for you.

What Previous Delegates Are Saying...

Headshot of man

Marius - Innovation Director

To keep it very simple – brilliant. This is the best training we've had in 10 years. Everyone is really energized. You can see people's mindset changing. 

Joanna - Team Manager

This was a genuinely brilliant course... I can honestly say I have been hanging on your words throughout the sessions. It demystified the role of an entrepreneur and outlined a clear process that is very transferrable into the big corporate world.

Headshot of woman

Helen - CEO

The content, structure and delivery of the course is excellent. Across the time we worked together in the programme, we really came together as a team and learned a great deal, as well as enjoying ourselves. I would highly recommend this to others. It’s great value for money! 

An immersive course teaching you the end-to-end product & service innovation process.

A community of like-minded thinkers.

Welcome to Intrapreneurship Mastery slide
Intrapreneur Community Online Meeting
Understand Ideate Test Learn Grow copy
Team Discussion Introductions
User Journey Map Cheat Sheet
Problem Statement Canvas
Put Your Ideas Out There
Viable vs Desireable vs Feasible
Business Model Mind Map
value proposition mind map

The framework you need to go from idea to product... systematically, repeatably, profitably. 

Creating new products and services is hard. Most new innovations fail. The most common reason? Building something nobody wants.

All beginner intrapreneurs face the same problems:

12 common problems for intrapreneurs

If you're reading this, it's likely that one (or more) of these problems keep cropping up and keeping you from building your new product or service.

And the chances are, you know you should be doing more — which is why you're here in the first place.

Whether your goal is to expand your customer base, defend from competitors or help you work on something you really love, the new product innovation process is something that you've been looking to fix for a while. 

The accountability you've been missing.

Maybe you've tried innovation projects before. But, time and again, they don't work out. For some reason you don't get the wins you hoped for. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. And before you know it, you're back to square one. 

But this is because companies' traditional accountability models don't work for innovation projects.

There is a reason top athletes rely on coaches to be at their best – you need someone outside yourself to help you push through creative and mental blocks, maintain your stamina, and stay committed to your goals!

Intrapreneurship Mastery solves this problem. You work alongside our coaches and fellow intrapreneurs, all with the same goal as you: to create successful new products and services.

The creates accountability and motivation like never before.

Innovation projects alone are hard. Working in a community with an experienced coach is 10x easier

Demolish your bad intrapreneurial habits.

There are 3 killers of great new ideas...

Bad Habbit #1:

So many beginner intrapreneurs think success stems from having the best ideas. It's doesn't. What we now know is that the best solutions come from trying out lots of ideas, systematically testing them with customers, and then incrementally improving them. And that means not overthinking the process.

Bad Habbit #2:
Aiming too broad

Have you ever tried to create a product that appeals to a large market, but found that however many new features you add, people still don't buy? This is one of the most common challenges for new innovators. In a quest to create a product with mass-market appeal they build something that fails to solve the customer's real problem better than the competition... and as a result the product appeals to no-one.

Bad Habbit #3:
Listening to the "experts"

As soon as you change your idea to please a boss or someone else who claims to understand your customer deeply, you'll find yourself headed in entirely the wrong direction. Companies are full of "experts" with vested interests who think they know best. Keeping focused on the customer while also managing the internal politics is one of the HARDEST parts for intrapreneurs.

Stop building products and services no-one wants.

The biggest mistake early intrapreneurs make? Building more and more features that no-one wants. In the beginning you think you know what the customer wants, and you think you know what the solution will look like.

But newsflash: you don't.

With this assumption early intrapreneurs enter a sloth-like feedback loop that makes adapting to customer needs on-the-fly impossible.

Instead, you want to try some ideas out and then listen for buyer intent. When you follow the process we teach in Intrapreneurship Mastery you'll quickly discover what customers are REALLY willing to pay for. And you'll do it all using low-cost, low-risk tools and techniques.

Noise, signal, double-down
Things you don't need before you start your innovation project

Stop planning.
Start creating.

Let's be honest.

If you're reading this you already know that developing new products, services and business models is a vital aspect of continued business growth. But if you're like most companies, you're not doing it as well as you know you should be.

Perhaps you've been putting it off. Not sure of the right process to use. Or maybe you're stuck building project plans that for all their effort, still leave you with an uneasy feeling that the risks are still unknown.

Luckily Intrapreneurship Mastery will give you a clear path to follow. A path that introduces a new set of business management tools specifically designed for managing potentially high-risk, high-reward innovation projects. And once you learn them, you'll never want to run projects in the same way again. 

No more staring at your task list unsure what one thing to do next to get traction.

If this feeling seems familiar, you're not alone.

In fact, you're just like all the other innovators who joined Intrapreneurship Mastery. 

Well, you're like they used to be.

Because after completing Intrapreneurship Mastery, you'll know exactly what to do each step of the way. 

  • How to set appropriate targets,
  • What to do if targets are missed,
  • How to interpret customer feedback...

And when to cut your losses to pivot to something else.

Ideas in secret die. Share your ideas.

Get your idea out in front of customers. Get real feedback.

Building a prototype is the worst thing you can do when you are creating a new product or service.

Slaving over proof-of-concept just to create something that your bosses dismiss before you even have a chance to get in front of customers?

No thanks.

Instead, don't give them the opportunity to say "no". Start smaller with napkin sketches and a carefully crafted customer interview. Try lots of ideas. Get rapid feedback. Find the one thing customers' are desperate for.

During Intrapreneurship Mastery, you'll get the chance to do just this, and we'll be there alongside you to help you make sense of the results.

Build an audience.
Build engagement. 
Build a line of business.

Building alongside your customers opens up limitless opportunities.

We've had delegates go on to get promoted, get offered shares in a new subsidiary company, work in their dream role, and go on to launch their idea to thousands of raving fans.

Whatever your goals are for intrapreneurship, the Intrapreneurship Mastery programme will get you there faster.

The growth curve is not linear, it is exponential

Form important new relationships with like-minded people across your company.

"I came for the innovation but stayed for the community."

Being a intrapreneur can feel lonely. Few people will understand why you are so excited about your idea (and many will be quite happy to tell you why it won't work). But it doesn't have to be like this.

With Intrapreneurship Mastery we make it easy to get motivation and share wins with other innovators just like you. You'll learn alongside a group of dedicated individuals with a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

The best part? Every single one of them has the same goal as you:

To grow a raw idea into a thriving new venture.

Intrapreneur Community Online Meeting

Welcome to Intrapreneurship Mastery

Here's how it works.

Learn the fundamentals of intrapreneurship

On the surface Intrapreneurship Mastery is a course teaching you how to create new products and services.

Upon joining, you'll unlock a 3-month curriculum packed with frameworks that guarantee you'll become an expert intrapreneur... provided you put in the effort!

  • 10 live sessions covering everything you need to know to become a successful product innovator and intrapreneur
  • Full access to all the slide decks we use during the course presentations (over 600 slides packed with information)
  • Templates, examples and ideas for you to download and use (that will save you endless hours of headache in the future)
  • 24x7 access to our coaches in an exclusive online community - ask a question anytime you need help
  • Personalized progress reviews, feedback and advice to help you develop your idea into a profitable new product or service

Put your learning into practice by building your concept alongside us over 90 days

Other innovation courses charge you thousands of pounds, only to provide a 4-day course packed with "theory" and classroom exercises.

And by the end , you leave with a bunch of notes that sit in a folder for an eternity. Meanwhile, you're still confused and unsure about the very next step to take.

But Intrapreneurship Mastery is about moving quickly, taking action and keeping a tight feedback loop.

You will build and test your idea with real customers over the duration of the programme.

After 90 days you'll have conceived and tested dozens of product and feature ideas, discarded most, and zeroed in on the one(s) most likely to succeed.

And by doing this consistently, you'll demolish business risk, fear of failure and perfectionism.

Take inspiration and motivation from a diverse group of innovators, all on the same journey as you

Innovation doesn't have to be lonely.

But for most intrapreneurs, it certainly feels that way.

Which is why Intrapreneurship Mastery is the best programme to start building new products and services.

Other training courses can give you all the theory. But a massive part of being an intrapreneur is handling the internal politics. If you fail to do that, you'll get nowhere.

In Intrapreneurship Mastery, you'll surround yourself with like-minded people with the same goals as you: to build and launch a successful new product or service.

All around you'll find new allies who can support you and help fight your corner when things get tough.

  • People from all grades at your company - new hire to seasoned executive
  • People across the whole business, from Finance to IT, HR to Marketing and more.
  • People who understand why you're not following the 'traditional' process and can back you up

Build a network of fellow innovators while using the community for accountability and feedback

Leading an innovation project can be mentally tough.

Most people don't like change. But when you're an innovator, you're the one responsible for driving big, often rapid changes. Whether motivated by fear, jealousy or genuine belief they are right, everywhere you go you'll find someone quick to tell you why you will fail.

It can be exhausting.

That's why you need a place to recoup your energies and draw inspiration from others.

Intrapreneurship Mastery is that place.

Upon joining we pair you with groups of people with the same goals and interests as you.

These groups offer the accountability, feedback and motivation you need to finally push your idea forward effectively.

And throughout the programme, you have dozens of chances to collaborate, build relationships, learn from one another, give and receive feedback, and everything in between.

Want a sneak peek at some of the concepts we teach?

Read our FREE Complete Guide to Intrapreneurship.

Screenshot of the Complete Guide to Intrapreneurship

Hello! From Your Intrapreneurship Mastery Coaches

Linda Cheung

Linda Cheung - Co-founder

Mark Bower

Mark Bower - Co-founder

We are corporate escapees with 20+ years of startup experience and we're on a mission to enable all businesses to be as entrepreneurial as startups.

Let's face it: Training companies are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…

At Intrapreneur Nation, that was our problem too. You see, we don’t just teach intrapreneurship and innovation best practices, we genuinely DO IT.

We aren’t academics. We aren’t researchers. We aren’t rent-a-trainer delivering a stock course.

We’re entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, running companies and working inside large corporates. We're leading culture change and embedding intrapreneurial skills every day.


…so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know that they’re talking about.

And that’s why we created the “Intrapreneurship Mastery” training programme.

We built this programme for some large corporates who saw what we were doing and asked us to “draw back the curtain”… to show them first-hand how to go beyond the innovation "fluff" and implement modern business practices that enable them to drive growth and take advantage of the enormous opportunities ahead.

Now we're making this programme available to the world...

Intrapreneurship Mastery Course Overview, Curriculum and Schedule

One live 3-hour session every 2-3 weeks, scheduled at a date and time to suit you.

Unlimited 24x7 chat support with peers and coaches throughout.

All content, resources and tools shared with you after each session.

Session 1: The Intrapreneur’s Mindset + Goal Setting and Discussion Around Your Company Culture

You'll leave session 1 with the foundation, motivation and confidence to become a successful intrapreneur.

  • Explore 6 common myths around intrapreneurship (and uncover what the reality actually is)
  • Learn about the traits and characteristics that intrapreneurs share and why anyone can be an intrapreneur
  • Take part in an honest and confidential discussion about your company culture, and any specific challenges that you many need to overcome as a group
  • Share your initial innovation ideas with the cohort; listen and take inspiration from others
  • Work backwards from your idea to create a vision for your innovation that you can use to get buy-in from managers and team members
  • Discover the ideal size, structure and roles that make up an innovation project team
  • Join the community, interact with your small group of peers interested in the same topics as you and with the same goals as you

Session 2: How the Innovation Process Works (And How to Use It Well)

At the end of session 2 you'll get out of the building and meet with your customers for the first time. And then, your ship is sailing and there's no turning back.

This session is all about learning how the innovation game works and how it's different to the legacy project delivery processes you use today.

  • Learn about the problems with traditional innovation approaches, and where the competitive advantage lies in 2024
  • Overcome perfectionism by using the demo-sell-build approach to innovation
  • Learn how to take your idea, then apply it to many different markets to uncover the one market that holds the biggest opportunity 
  • Use the Market Evaluation Canvas to zero-in on the early adopters - the ones most likely to buy straight away
  • Finally get a clear idea of who you are creating your product for. Discover their most important jobs, then use that information to fine tune your idea to accelerate growth

Session 3: How to Walk In Your Customers' Shoes to Find Untapped Opportunities 

By the time session 3 comes around you'll have some real actionable data from your customer for the first time.

In this session, we cover everything you need to start using that data to solve your customer's problems (better than anyone else can). 

  • Learn the 4 situations new opportunities come from and the #1 best place to look for them
  • How to systematically map out your customer's pains, challenges, goals and values.
  • How to use your customer research to come up with dozens of new product and feature ideas
  • No more self-doubt: Discover how to know for sure which of your customer's problems to tackle first
  • Learn how to quantify the business opportunity for your company to get buy-in from your bosses
  • Understand how competing solutions and work-arounds are often at the root of the very best ideas

Session 4: How to Go Deep on Your Customer's No.1 Problem to Conceive the Solution they REALLY Want

In session 4 we'll challenge your pre-conceptions of innovation and give you the inspiration to look at your idea again from a different angle.

At the end of this session you'll be able refine your idea taking into account the customer's latent needs - those needs that even they struggle to articulate.

  • Learn what innovation actually is (and more importantly isn't)
  • How the problem is 10x more important than the solution at this stage
  • Discover the 10 types of innovation you can explore
  • Understand which types of innovation are the best for delivering long-term success and growth
  • Practise creating customer journey maps then reframe them to uncover the problems that even your customers can't explain

Session 5: How to Design and Position Your Solution as 'MUST have' 

By the time we get to week 5 you'll have a fundamentally different view of what innovation is and what's possible. Now it's time to accelerate your trajectory.

In session 5 we'll look at how you can design a solution that's as compelling as oxygen. 

  • The technique to use to come up with dozens of creative variations on a single idea in a matter of minutes
  • How to go from raw idea to functional design using a Hollywood-style storyboard
  • How to avoid groupthink when you choose the best way forward 
  • The Value Proposition Formula that will make your solution a 'must-have' for customers 
  • How to tell for sure you've achieved Problem-Solution Fit

Session 6: How to Develop a Profitable Business Model for Your Concept

At this point in the programme you will have used a range of MVP techniques to gain compelling evidence of customers' appetite to buy.

Finally, you're ready to make a plan. But not a traditional weighty business plan. Instead, a one-page business model that changes as you learn.

  • How far to look ahead when creating a business plan
  • What your revenue and cost structure will look like 
  • How to calculate your break-even point and determine how much budget you need to get there
  • How to find the influencers and blockers who can make or break your idea, plus how to get their buy-in

Session 7: How to use Growth Metrics to Set Targets, Measure Progress and Plan Based on Risk

By session 7 you'll have your business model defined, a budget in mind and a target for when you'll get to break-even.

In this session you'll learn how to turn your vision into reality by using risk-based planning to decide exactly what to do each step of the way. 

  • Learn about the 3 types of risk in innovation projects, and how to spot the ones most likely to be business killers
  • Discover the 5 metrics to use to measure progress and which to focus on first
  • How to identify your assumptions and rank them based on risk
  • How to use your business model to plan what you'll do on a day-to-day basis

Session 8: How to Create a Growth Flywheel: Building and Evaluating Growth Experiments

You've prioritized your risks and have a plan of action. This is where the rubber hits the road — learning how to run an innovation project on a day-to-day basis. 

At the end of this session you'll leave knowing how to get your fledgling business to Product-Market Fit (and ready to scale).

  • How thinking like a scientist will help you build a successful business faster
  • How to devise an experiment that will help you power-up growth
  • The 12 different types of MVP experiment you can build and when to use them
  • The natural rhythm of a lean innovation project; who to involve and when 
  • How often you should review your business strategy and how to make a pivot or persevere decision

Session 9: How to Implement a Governance Model for Innovation + Creating a Pitch Your Bosses Can't Turn Down

Now you've proven the concept, it's time to turn your idea into reality. To do that you'll need to sell your idea to those with the go/no-go power in your company.

In this final training we'll use everything we've learned so far to create a compelling pitch. 

  • How to use the Hollywood story-telling framework to engage stakeholders and get buy-in 
  • What stakeholders really care about and how to structure a pitch deck to meet their needs
  • How to handle objections like a pro with the 3-step Bullet-Proof Pitch Framework 
  • How to set-up and run a Growth Board to provide governance and leadership for Innovation projects 

Session 10: Pitching Your Idea to Executives in Your Company

This is where everything you've worked on over the last few months comes together. It's your opportunity to pitch your idea to senior decision makers in your company. But now you're not just pitching an idea — you will have hard data and real evidence that customers are itching to buy!

After previous pitch sessions we've seen budding intrapreneurs...

  • Get promoted
  • Get offered shares in a new subsidiary company based around their idea
  • Get to work in their dream role
  • Go on to launch their idea to thousands of customers

Don't delay. 

Finally achieve your innovation goals in 2024. 

Join Intrapreneurship Mastery

Intrapreneurship Mastery

  • 📽 10 live sessions covering everything you need to know to become a successful product innovator and intrapreneur
  • 💻 Full access to all the slide decks we use during the course presentations (over 600 slides packed with information)
  • ✍ Templates, examples and ideas for you to download and use (that will save you endless hours of headache in the future)
  • 🎓 24x7 access to our coaches in an exclusive online community - ask a question anytime you need help
  • ✅ Personalized progress reviews, feedback and advice to help you develop your idea into a profitable new product or service

Still on the fence? Here's what some past delegates are saying

Smiling Business Woman

Mariana - Support Manager

I loved the constant encouragement and recommendations. The sessions were very natural with lots of relevant examples. Feedback was specific and thorough with lots of great tips on how to improve.

Business woman headshot

Marianne - Team Lead

It's applied, not theoretical. There's a pace, trajectory and a clear output. The coaching feedback was always informative, balanced and there – even when I submitted it at the last minute! Thank you :) 

Headshot of Woman

Theresa - Project Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and the toolkit provided. Linda and Mark have both been passionate, supportive and yet challenging of our ideas. It really helped me focus on the right things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will this course help me?

A. It depends on who you are…
If you’re a director, exec or business unit manager, this programme is the best way to bridge the gap between innovation and product development... so you no longer have to "bet the company" in order to bring high-risk, high-reward products to market. It's also a great way to invest in, and retain your employees. Giving them the skills and support to lead new innovation projects and then drive them through to launch is a win-win for everyone.

If you’re an innovation manager or team manager, this programme will give you the tools to take innovation projects to market in a structured and consistent way, along with a common language, management toolset and reporting framework that'll ensure everyone on the project is working to the same goal.

If you’re an employee or product manager you’ll get new skills that’ll help you explore, experiment, learn and then pitch, so that ultimately you can turn your ideas into reality.

Q. What's the time commitment?

A. Life is busy. We get it. It helps if you're working on a real innovation project that your company wants to move forward.

There is a live training and coaching session to attend every 2-3 weeks. On top of that you should do the recommended assignments to build your idea into a product. About 6-8 hours effort every 2-3 weeks should be sufficient.

Q. How is the course delivered?

A. The course is delivered in 10 modules, typically over a period of 3-4 months.
A key part of the success of the course is derived from embedding a new intrapreneurial mindset and start-up ethos into delegates. To do this effectively we provide coaching and guidance as attendees actively put their new skills into practice – in real projects – over the course of the programme. As challenges and doubts come to mind, we’re there to help overcome obstacles and ensure the learning sticks.

Q. Do I need a technical background to attend this course?

A. No! In fact, just the opposite. In the course we’ll show how you don’t need to work in R&D and you don’t need a Ph.D. to be able to innovate like a start-up.

The truth is that ANYONE can create successful innovations and develop new business models. And we’ll give you all the tools to do just that!

Q. Can you deliver customized course content for our organization?

A. Yes! Just mail us at and we''ll get right back to you to discuss your specific requirements.

Q. Can you provide the course as on-demand online training?

A. We're more than happy to deliver the training course online, in a live webinar format. 

We don’t provide pre-recorded, on-demand videos however. This is because a key part of our programme (that makes it so uniquely successful!) is the interactive element – including live coaching and feedback for the delegates as they build their own intrapreneurial projects.

Q. How many attendees are on each course?

A. We recommend that each course has a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 12.

Because we place a strong focus on discussion, coaching and feedback, any more than 12 participants would impact our ability to spend adequate time with each participant.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. You can fill out the contact form on this page and one of the team will get back to you.

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