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Pitch Craft - The Innovator's Guide to Pitching for Funding or Approval

Learn how to create a pitch that will win over your boss, investors and other stakeholders

Pitching an Innovative Concept

Are you trying to win budget approval from your bosses to get your idea off the ground?

If you answered yes, then this message is for you.

Hi, I’m Mark Bower – co-founder of Intrapreneur Nation.

I’ve spent around half my career in startups, and half in corporates.

I did my first VC pitch over 10 years ago, and I’ll be honest… I was scared witless. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But I learned slowly, through painful trial and error the 6 elements that make a GREAT pitch.

Since then I’ve pitched and won hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for corporate transformation initiatives, watched and judged dozens of entrepreneur investment pitches.

I’m going to reveal to you the simple 7-step process that is hands-down the best way to create a pitch that will hook a sceptical audience and turn them into an intrigued, enthralled group eager to learn more and support your plan.

Here's Exactly What to Expect from This Course

This is dramatically different from any other course you may have taken as what you’ll get is a straight forward step-by-step process.

My 7-step process will guide you through each stage of creating your pitch. I’ve taken all of our 10 years of learning about what makes a winning pitch, and distilled it down into the simplest, most actionable plan that anyone can follow to get results quickly.

You will no longer have to struggle figuring out the best way to structure your pitch, what to include and even more importantly, what to leave out.

By the time you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Inspire your audience to care about solving the problem as much as you do – using the same story telling techniques that Hollywood script writers use to hook us at the movies
  • Prove that you have identified a problem worth solving (and that it will benefit them personally to solve it)
  • Provide the 3 specific types of real-world validation that budget-holders need to feel confident backing your proposal
  • Showcase the evidence that your audience must have to recognize that YOU are the right person to take your concept forward

Who Is This Course For?

This course was designed specifically for innovators, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to win backing (and funding) for their idea.

Get a step-by-step system proven to win executive and stakeholder support without needing to be a ‘sales guy’ (or gal!)

I’ve broken everything down into three easy modules that anyone can follow and complete in 2 days or less.

When you finish this course, you will be able to confidently pitch your concept to executives, VCs and other budget-holders and begin to take the lead in proactively driving your own career, rather than letting others assign work to you.

Module 1

Positioning: Discover how to structure and position your pitch so that you 'hook' your audience at the emotional level... so that they care about solving their problem as much as you do.

Module 2

Planning: Look over my shoulder as I guide you through all the steps to gather the evidence that will make backing your concept a ‘no-brainer’.

Module 3

Delivery: Pull everything together in a slick pitch deck. Refine your presentation style and present your ask in a way that makes it easier to say YES than no.

What You'll Learn


The Pitcher's Mindset

The way to get started is with the end in mind. So we'll start with goals of your pitch and work backwards to plot a plan for success.


Storytelling with the Hollywood Story-Arc

How to tell the story behind your idea using the same techniques the very best Hollywood script writers use to keep us coming back to the movies time and time again.


The Agile Pitch Planning Framework

The simplest way to plan out a pitch that makes sure you include all the most important elements (and leave out the things that just don't matter).


The S-A-R Proof Formula

This method makes coming up with the proof that budget-holders are looking for so straight-forward, it feels almost like cheating.


The Art of Competitive Positioning

Learn why it's actually great to have lots of competition and how you can use that to your advantage to clearly position yourself against your competitors.


Pitch Opening

Discover the simple way to open your pitch so that your audience know whether it's worth their time to pay attention from the off.


Finding Your Delivery Style

Slides, fonts, colors, vocal styles, eye contact, jokes. Discover the dos and don'ts of pitch delivery.


The Ask

Learn how to allay your audience's fear and structure your ask in a way that makes it easier to say YES than no.


Bullet-proof Your Pitch

This is where most pitches are won or lost. Learn the bullet-proof pitch method discovering potential objections before your pitch, and handling them with ease.

“Just wanted to tell you - this week I have used your pitching guide 3 times!!!!!

One just drove the approval and funding of an R&D wide event.

On a roll!”

Joanna, Innovation Manager

Take Charge of Your Career and Choose The Work You Do

You can do it too. Just imagine...

  • Being the go-to person because you have a reputation for getting innovative projects off the ground quickly
  • Having only high-quality, challenging, fun work to do because your increased value attracts it
  • Being 100% in-control of the work you take on, because you're able to sell your own ideas to executives
  • Creating value and leading teams that you are REALLY passionate about

“I used the Hollywood Story-Arc and put together a 4-page slide deck telling a potential partnership story from the perspective of Anakin Skywalker and the Jedi Knight.  

The response I got from the investor/partner was 'I f*cking LOVE that!' .  

Thank you so much.  This really works.”

Paul, Entrepreneur

Meet Your Instructors

Linda Cheung

Linda Cheung is Co-founder and CEO of Intrapreneur Nation. Linda is an entrepreneur, business coach and mentor... and a corporate escapee! Linda worked as a Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Stanley until 2010 when she left to co-found the award-winning start-up CubeSocial.

In addition to her work leading Inatrapreneur Nation, Linda also works with Oxford Innovation as an Innovation Advisor, mentors high-growth start-ups as a SETsquared Mentor, and guests as a "Digital Dragon" at Winchester University to support women-led businesses through the Women in Digital Enterprise initiative.

Linda Cheung
Mark Bower

Mark Bower is Technical Director at Intrapreneur Nation. Mark joined his first start-up in 2001 — just as the dot com boom turned into the dot com bust! Since then Mark has spent his career flipping between start-ups and large corporates such as Microsoft and the NHS.

Start-up life has allowed Mark to see first-hand which practices and processes are truly responsible for driving growth and innovation; and when back in the corporate world, Mark works as an agile coach helping embed the start-up mindset into established businesses. 

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