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The Pitch Planning Canvas + Perfect Pitch Checklist

Use these proven tools to quickly develop a pitch to win backing for your idea even if you have no sales experience

Pitch Checklist and Pitch Planning Canvas

As an intrapreneur or corporate innovator, the single most important skill you MUST have is the ability to sell your idea to your boss, your team, your colleagues and your stakeholders. Maybe even external investors too.

The problem is, most corporate innovators have no experience of selling. In fact, the very idea of having to sell anything is very probably alien and possibly even scary.

And in any case, you’ve developed such a great concept, the benefits ought to be obvious… The idea will sell itself, right?


As entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, we get too close the problem (and the solution). What seems obvious to us, is still unclear to everyone else.

At Intrapreneur Nation, we’ve spent the last 10 years working with startups and corporate entrepreneurs – pitching and winning investment; coaching innovators and judging investment pitches.

We’ve simplified the entire pitch creation process into a one-pager that shows you how to take an audience of budget-holders and stakeholders from skeptical to enthralled.

Get access to these tools...

  • One-page Pitch Planning Canvas
  • One-page Perfect Pitch Checklist
  • Complementary video walk-through showing how to use the canvas and checklist to develop your own pitch
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