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The 8 Key Characteristics of Successful Intrapreneurs

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Welcome to the world of intrapreneurship!

Intrapreneurship is an exciting and rewarding journey within the corporate world. Intrapreneurs are the bold innovators and change-makers within an organization, driving new ideas and projects to success. But, are intrapreneurs born with these skills, or can anyone develop them? Let’s explore this question and uncover the intrapreneurial characteristics that make the professionals successful.

Intrapreneurs – Born or Made?

The great news is that no one is a natural-born intrapreneur. Just like any other skill, intrapreneurship can be learned and developed over time. So, if you’ve ever felt a spark of creativity or a desire to create change, you have the potential to be an intrapreneur!

Characteristics vs. Skills: What’s the Difference?

Characteristics are traits or behaviours that define who we are, while skills are abilities that we acquire through learning and practice. Both characteristics and skills can be developed over time. Some people might have a natural inclination towards certain traits, but everyone can work on improving their intrapreneurial characteristics to become more successful in this role.

The 8 Essential Characteristics of Intrapreneurs

Here are the eight key intrapreneurial characteristics of successful intrapreneurs. (When we accept people onto our intrapreneur training courses, these are the key traits we look for.)

  1. Curiosity
  2. Action-Oriented
  3. Builds Relationships
  4. Builds Teams, Creates Tribes
  5. Manages Risk
  6. Vision
  7. Conscientious
  8. Seeks Feedback

Keep in mind that these traits are in no particular order, and developing each one is crucial to thinking and acting like an intrapreneur. Read on to find out about the essential intrapreneurial characteristics that will help you in the workplace

1. Embrace Curiosity: The Spark of Innovation

Curious to learn. Open to new ways of working

Intrapreneurs are always open to new ideas, different ways of working, and expanding their knowledge. Their insatiable curiosity drives them to explore uncharted territories and push the boundaries of what’s possible. By constantly seeking out fresh perspectives and experiences, intrapreneurs uncover unique insights and opportunities that others might miss. As a result, they become catalysts for innovation within their organizations.

Learn more: Develop your curiosity.

2. Be Action-Oriented: Turning Ideas into Reality

Action Oriented - Prefer learning by doing

Intrapreneurs don’t just think about doing things; they take action! They have a bias towards learning by doing, transforming ideas into tangible results through experimentation and execution. By embracing an action-oriented mindset, intrapreneurs can iterate quickly, adapt to new information, and stay ahead of the curve. This proactive approach helps them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals more effectively.

Learn more: How to banish procrastination and become more action-oriented.

3. Master Relationship-Building: The Power of Connections

Build Relationships Before You Need Them

Successful intrapreneurs understand the importance of networking and building strong relationships with key influencers and gatekeepers. They systematically grow their influence and authority, creating connections before they are needed. By cultivating a diverse network of allies and supporters, intrapreneurs can access valuable resources, expertise, and insights that empower them to drive change within their organizations.

Learn more: How to build a network of allies.

4. Create and Lead Tribes: Inspiring Others to Join the Journey

Build Your Tribe / Build Teams

Intrapreneurs actively seek out like-minded individuals to join their tribe. They inspire others with their vision and passion, effectively bringing people along with them on their journey towards change and innovation. By creating and leading tribes, intrapreneurs can harness the collective power of their teams, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and shared ownership of success.

Learn more: Build your intrapreneurial tribe.

5. Manage Risks Like a Pro: Setting the Stage for Success

Manage Risks Like a Pro

Contrary to popular belief, intrapreneurs aren’t reckless risk-takers. Instead, they systematically drive risk out of projects, setting themselves up for success. They are skilled at identifying potential obstacles, analyzing their impact, and devising strategies to overcome them. By proactively managing risks, intrapreneurs ensure that their projects stay on track, ultimately increasing the likelihood of achieving their desired outcomes.

Learn more: Manage innovation project risk.

6. Cultivate a Visionary Mindset: Seeing Opportunities Everywhere

Vision - See opportunities in problems

Intrapreneurs can see opportunities where others see problems. They possess a clear vision of how they can contribute to the organization and the world, constantly seeking ways to create positive change. By cultivating a visionary mindset, intrapreneurs can inspire others to join them in their mission, transforming obstacles into stepping stones on the path to success.

Learn more: Develop a visionary mindset – see opportunities in problems.

7. Be Conscientious and Disciplined: The Foundation of Achievement

Conscientious and Disciplined

Organization, dependability, and hard work are essential traits for intrapreneurs. They follow through on their commitments and keep their projects on track, ensuring that their ideas come to fruition. By staying conscientious and disciplined, intrapreneurs can maintain focus and momentum, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. This unwavering dedication is the foundation of their achievement and the key to lasting impact.

Learn more: Finding focus – the secret of disciplined work.

8. Seek Out Feedback: The Path to Continuous Improvement

Seeks Feedback

Intrapreneurs know that improvement comes from self-reflection and feedback. They frequently review their results and actively seek input from others, using that information to learn, grow, and refine their approach. By embracing feedback as a valuable tool for development, intrapreneurs can continuously evolve and adapt, ensuring that they stay at the cutting edge of their field and remain primed for success.

Learn more: Overcome the fear of asking for feedback.

How Do I Know If I Am an Intrapreneur?

Recognizing whether you possess the traits of an intrapreneur can help you understand your strengths and identify areas for growth. Here are some key indicators that you might be an intrapreneur:

  1. You’re a natural problem-solver
    If you find yourself constantly looking for ways to improve processes, products, or services, you may have the mindset of an intrapreneur.
  2. You have a strong sense of ownership
    If you’re someone who sees projects through to completion and takes pride in the results, you might be an intrapreneur.
  3. You’re a self-starter
    If you find yourself actively pursuing new ideas and projects without being prompted, you could be an intrapreneur.
  4. You’re comfortable with ambiguity
    If you’re able to stay focused on your vision and make decisions in the face of ambiguity, you might have the makings of an intrapreneur.
  5. You’re a collaborator and influencer
    If you’re skilled at bringing people together, inspiring them, and persuading them to join your cause, you could be an intrapreneur.

If you identify with these traits, you may already be on the path to intrapreneurship. Keep in mind that intrapreneurial characteristics can always be honed and developed. By focusing on strengthening these traits and adopting the mindset of an intrapreneur, you can unlock your potential to drive change and innovation within your organization.

Unlock Your Intrapreneurial Potential: Start Your Journey Today

By nurturing and developing the eight essential characteristics, you can unlock your intrapreneurial potential and make a lasting impact within your organization. Embrace the journey of continuous growth and self-improvement, and you’ll become a driving force for change and innovation.

To fast-track your success and gain invaluable support, the best way to move forward is with some intrapreneurship training. And there’s no better place to start than our Intrapreneurship Mastery Programme – the UK’s leading intrapreneurship course. It’s a cohort-based course that offers hands-on experience in creating products and services that customers truly want and will pay for, all within the structure and security of your own organization.

Your journey towards intrapreneurial success starts now – if you want it to!!

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