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Become More Intrapreneurial.
Part 1: Develop Your Curiosity

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There are certain traits or characteristics that all intrapreneurs exhibit. Some may be inherent… but all can be learned, developed and improved.

In this series of articles, we’ll look at eight core traits that are strong in intrapreneurs – and how you can start to develop these abilities too.

This first article is all about… curiosity. Let’s get started.

Why Curiosity?

Curiosity and wonder are the keys to unlocking the world’s mysteries. But what does it take to become curiously minded?

In this article, you will learn the benefits of being more curious and we’ll share some tips that will help you become more curious in your everyday life!

Curious to learn. Open to new ways of working

Benefits of Having a Curious Mind

The benefits of having a curious mind are many. Curious people tend to be more open-minded than average, and explore many different paths in life. They can also think critically which helps them solve problems in a creative way. Curious people are also more likely see and take advantage of opportunities in life which can lead to a better career or business success. Furthermore, they have the power to see both sides of an issue which allows them to make better-informed decisions for themselves and others around them.

How Curiosity is Related to Intrapreneurship

Curiosity is one of the most important traits for an intrapreneur. As children we all learn by doing – through experimentation. We try, fail, and try again. Sometimes we break things. But not on purpose. We’re just curious.

Being an intrapreneur is a lot like that. You have to be open-minded. You have to be willing to try new things. And you have to be willing to change your mind if a new, better solution presents itself.

The one thing curiosity cannot do? It cannot be forced. And that’s why being more intrapreneurial is a mindset, a habit, a discipline that must be developed. And how do you develop that? You practice. You practice being curious.

3 Things You Can Do to Become More Curious

First of all, a caution: It’s very hard to be curious about something if you simply don’t find the topic interesting. And that’s fine.

We’re all different and we’re all attracted to different things. So, whenever you can, start by focusing on topics that you’re naturally inclined towards.

If you can’t… if, for example, you’re assigned to a particular project by your boss, then try to find a different angle or lens through which you can look at that topic. When you do this, you can skew the topic so that it becomes genuinely interesting to you.

By way of example, many of us may not find the subject of “charity” interesting. But we may be curious about what people of different backgrounds are doing with their time, energy and money. And it’s exactly that kind of curiosity that can lead to new opportunities, new ideas and new revenue streams for charities.

Now, on to our 3 top tips: Some quick and easy things you can do to develop your curiosity.

  1. Ask Questions. Lots of them.
    Ask yourself what you don’t know; ask others why they chose that particular path, or how they solved a problem. Ask how things work; ask why things are done a particular way, and ask “what would happen if…” questions. Keep an eye out for common themes, problems and challenges people talk about. From those problems come opportunities!
  2. Listen Without Judgement.
    Another way to stimulate curiosity is by listening without judgment. When we listen with an open mind and without judgement, we learn more about our surroundings and the people around us. When a colleague suggests a new way of doing things, default to giving it a try. Like a child, learn by doing. Experiment and see what there is to learn from others.
  3. Read Widely.
    Reading widely is one of the best ways to spark curiosity in our lives because it gives us exposure to new ideas and new perspectives on life. We can also use reading as a vehicle for developing empathy by reading about the challenges that people from different backgrounds face every day.
    Go wide, not deep. Look for literature in adjacent fields to your own. Understand how they’ve tackled similar problems and ask yourself what might happen if you adopted the same approach in your industry.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how to become more intrapreneurial. Having a curious mindset is important for intrapreneurs, because helps us see opportunities that others miss, and conceive ideas that others simply can’t.

To learn more about how to become more intrapreneurial, please take a look at our intrapreneurship training options, or if you’d like some help contact us and one of the team will get back to you to discuss your needs.

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