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Become More Intrapreneurial. Part 6: Ignite Your Vision for Success

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Do you ever feel frustrated in your current job or organization? Do you find yourself wishing you could make changes to the way things are done? Good news! You have the instinct and potential to become an intrapreneur. All it takes is the power of vision!

This is part 6 in a series of articles taking a look at the eight key characteristics that stand out in intrapreneurs. In this article, we’ll explore how to harness your inner visionary to create lasting impact, both for your organization and the world at large.

Vision - See opportunities in problems

Unlocking Your Visionary Potential

The key to becoming a successful intrapreneur lies in your ability to see opportunities where others see problems. This is what it means to “have vision.” It’s about recognizing the potential for improvement and growth, even when faced with adversity. By cultivating your visionary mindset, you’ll unlock new pathways for innovation and success.

Why Vision Matters for Intrapreneurs: The Power of Vision and Its Rewards

Vision is the lifeblood of intrapreneurship. It allows you to identify areas where you can make a difference and then go on to inspire others to join you on your journey. Cultivating a clear vision helps you maintain a healthy balance between your passion for your projects and the emotional distance you need to be able pivot and course-correct as you learn.

By developing this emotional distance, you can more effectively assess your progress and adapt your approach as you go. Instead of becoming wedded to specific features and resistant to change, you’ll be better equipped to recognize when a project requires a new direction or alternative solution. This adaptability is crucial for intrapreneurs, as it fosters a continuous learning mindset and ensures that you remain focused on the big picture.

When you have a clear vision and maintain the ability to pivot, you’ll find yourself more likely to:

  • Stay motivated and focused on your goals
    Your vision will serve as a guiding light, helping you stay on track even when obstacles arise.
  • Engage and inspire your colleagues
    A compelling vision has the power to rally your teammates, fostering a sense of shared purpose and collaboration.
  • Develop innovative solutions that drive positive change
    By remaining adaptable and open to new ideas, you’ll be better positioned to create breakthroughs and solve complex problems.
  • Create lasting value for your organization and the world
    When you’re consistently focused on the bigger picture and able to adapt, you’ll make a greater impact on the world around you.

Breaking Free from Vision Barriers

It’s completely natural to feel apprehensive about embracing your inner visionary. After all, being a visionary often means taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You might worry about the potential consequences of your ideas, wonder if you’re overreaching, or even doubt your own abilities. We know from experience that these feelings of imposter syndrome can be challenging and at times, downright intimidating.

But it’s important to remember that being visionary doesn’t necessarily mean making grand, sweeping changes overnight. In fact, some of the most powerful visions are realized through incremental steps and a series of small, calculated risks. By breaking down your vision into manageable pieces, you can build the confidence and experience needed to gradually take on larger challenges.

As you learn to trust your instincts and take small steps towards your goals, you’ll begin to see the potential for growth and innovation that lies within you. With each success, you’ll gain the courage to continue pushing boundaries and embracing your visionary nature. The key is to start small and gradually build your capacity for risk-taking, all while staying true to your vision.

Three Simple Steps to Cultivate Your Visionary Mindset

Ready to think more like a visionary? Here are three easy steps you can take to start seeing opportunities where others see problems:

  1. Embrace curiosity
    Stay open to new ideas and experiences, and ask questions to expand your perspective. The more curious you are, the more you’ll learn and discover, opening up possibilities you may have never considered. Set aside time to explore new subjects, attend workshops, or engage in discussions that challenge your existing beliefs.
  2. Think big, start small
    Dare to dream big, but break your vision down into manageable steps to stay focused and make steady progress. By setting realistic short-term goals, you’ll build momentum and confidence, making it easier to tackle larger objectives down the road. Remember, every grand achievement begins with a series of small steps.
  3. Surround yourself with inspiration
    Seek out mentors, peers, and resources that fuel your creativity and help you stay motivated. Surrounding yourself with people who share your passion for innovation will not only keep you inspired, but also provide valuable insights and support as you pursue your vision. Additionally, consider filling your environment with books, podcasts, and other resources that encourage you to think creatively.


By developing your visionary mindset, you’ll become a catalyst for positive change within your organization and the world. Embrace your inner intrapreneur, ignite your vision, and watch as your newfound perspective creates lasting impact. Remember, the power to transform your future lies within you. So, go forth, and be the visionary you were always meant to be!

If you’re passionate about developing your vision and becoming more intrapreneurial you’ll definitely want to check-out the Intrapreneurship Mastery Programme. This cohort-based coaching and training programme offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset of attendees. Or, contact us if you have specific needs you want to discuss.

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