Free Tools and Resources for Intrapreneurs

A curated toolkit of hands-on, actionable, easy-to-use innovation management tools for you to use with your team. 

The world's most successful companies are driven by innovation... And innovation is driven by highly effective intrapreneurs.

What makes intrapreneurs highly effective? It all comes down to these 3 critical factors:

Customer Focus

Customers first, then product. Not the other way around. Learn how to find out what customers really want and will pay for to gain a massive edge.


No one gets it all right first time around. Learn how to systematically build business model experiments to become unstoppable.

Structured Learning

Productive failure is at the heart of intrapreneurship. Discover a structured learning framework that helps you do that.

Intrapreneurial Tools

Here are the most important tools we've created to help you focus on the customer, create productive experiments, and learn from your efforts.

Pitch Checklist and Pitch Planning Canvas

Use the Pitch Planning Canvas to build the outline of your pitch. We’ve simplified the entire pitch creation process into a one-pager that shows you how to take an audience of budget-holders and stakeholders from skeptical to enthralled.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship Roadmap Poster

Discover a systematic and repeatable process that you can use to take your ideas and develop them into new products and services that customers really want, and will pay for... as fast as a startup.

Lean Startup Experiment Board

This is the Trello kanban board that we use ourselves to track and manage lean experiments in our business. It saves a ton of time (and paper) and works really well across when collaborating different sites.

Sticky Notes

Customer Persona

Use the Customer Persona Canvas to build a 360° view of your ideal customer that your whole team can get behind. With your completed canvas you'l be able to guide product development and target marketing messages specifically to your customers' needs.

Intrapreneur Skills Framework Poster

Understand the core traits and skills of an experienced intrapreneur and devise your own intrapreneurial development plan with the Intrapreneur Skills Framework.

Target Market Evaluation Canvas

Systematically evaluate candidate market segments for your idea. Select the one beachhead market that gives you the best chance of success based on your ability to execute, your ability to enter the market and the potential for profit.

Problem Statement Canvas

Use the Problem Statement Canvas to get 100% clear on the problem you plan to solve, why it's a big enough problem to care about, and the potential opportunity to be won if you're successful.

Customer Journey Meeting

Segment your potential customer base into groups with similar characteristics who are likely to use your new product or service in the same way.

Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Use the Lean Canvas for Internal Projects to easily apply Lean Startup principles to internal company projects.

Become a Certified Intrapreneur

A Straight Line From Idea to Launch

01. Concept

First we deep dive on the vision, passion and team. We then focus-in on customer discovery to get a detailed understanding of the customer, before using what we've learned in ideation and design thinking exercises to expand on your original idea and create an initial concept for the new venture. 

02. Business Model

Here we focus on developing the initial business model, including cost model, revenue structure, route to market, and more. We then develop a set of Innovation Accounting metrics to measure the success of our fledgling venture using leading rather than the traditional lagging measures.

03. Launch + Grow

Traditionally in the corporate world, failure is not an option. In the intrapreneurial world however, failure is part of the process. In this phase we refine the offering; running incubation sprints, crafting lean experiments, shifting the dial on the metrics that matter until we reach the target that all intrapreneurs shoot for... Product-Market Fit.

Nine weeks. Sixteen assignments. Twenty+ hours of training and coaching. 

We will guide you and your team step-by-step from idea to launch.

In a World of Global Competition, Ability to Consistently Turn Ideas into Products is a Unique Advantage

Hi, I’m Mark Bower, the co-founder of Intrapreneur Nation and co-creator of many of the tools you’ll find here. I’ve spent most of my career flipping between startups and big (often global) companies. I founded Intrapreneur Nation because I was frustrated that those big companies – who often aspired to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial – frequently had no strategies, no processes and no tools with which to steer new ideas from concept to launch.

Instead, new ideas were driven through the existing project management process…

A project manager would be assigned to help write the plan and business case justification: capital costs, operational costs, resourcing, Gantt charts, ROI projections, risks and more. 

But the thing is – for innovation projects – these kinds of business plans just don’t work.

Nobody knows with any degree of certainty how the project will play out. Which means that the original plan is often far too optimistic, and contains far too many unknowns to be used as a real forecast. The business case is nothing more than a fantasy plan. An illusion, crafted with the sole purpose of getting through the review gate.

But managers and executives, lacking any other system to use need something to measure progress against. And so, without an alternative, they cling onto the business case document and the project plan. Even if they know it’s guesswork.

The Anti-business Business

No-one intended for businesses to operate in this way – to deliberately put obstacles in the way of effectively serving their customers.

Conventional management theory, rooted in the 1950s, defined organizational structure and best-practice processes within the constraints of the technology of the day: Rigid hierarchies. Top-down management. Incremental improvements. Low defect, Six-sigma process improvement and so on. For over 60 years those principles have served businesses well. And they continue to do so. Modern companies must certainly be able to deliver their products and services with great quality and reliability.

But nowadays, thanks to instant global communications, international supply chains and low-cost IT services, the barrier to entry for new competitors has never been lower. Customers have almost unlimited choice, and are firmly in control.

To compete effectively with dozens or even hundreds of new market entrants, a modern company must also have the ability to rapidly discover what new products to produce. They need a new, complementary set of entrepreneurial management tools designed for dealing with innovation projects. Projects that intrinsically come laden with extreme uncertainty.

In other words: Businesses need a new entrepreneurial management toolkit.

The Road Forward

Overcoming all these obstacles and embracing an innovative and intrapreneurial culture is not easy.

But, I have good news: We’ve seen students, customers and mentees make the kind of progress that took us years, in just weeks or months. We've seen first-hand how people can leapfrog past problems, challenges and failures that held others back for a long time.

That’s how I know that with the right strategies, tools and mindset, you and your company can do the same too.

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