Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Use the Lean Canvas for Internal Projects to easily apply Lean Startup principles to internal company projects.

Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

What's it for?

Innovation projects don’t just mean developing new products and services for external, paying customers. More and more companies are wanting use Lean Startup principles to deliver innovations to “internal customers” – to their fellow employees.

But how can you adapt the language of the Lean Canvas for internal project delivery?

The Lean Canvas for Internal Projects (and related instructions) has a handful of changes that help internal project teams apply the Lean Canvas using language they are more familiar with.

Use the Canvas to create an internal ‘business model’ for your innovation project that excites your internal customer. One that inspires them to eagerly ‘pull’ and implement new solutions themselves, rather than having to ‘push’ your project deliverable onto a reluctant and change-averse audience.

How to Use the Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Step 1.

We'll assume you're already familiar with the Lean Canvas. In this adaption for internal projects, start in the same way, with customer segments and then their problem.

Step 2.

Continue filling in the canvas as you would have done before, but notice that a few of the boxes have changed titles. Revenue has become Value Created. Cost Structure has become Cost Structure / Budget. Unfair Advantage has become Buy-in / Support.

Step 3.

For a complete explanation of all the changes (and how to apply 'alien' concepts like channels and customer segments to internal projects) read our detailed guide: How to use the Lean Canvas for Internal Projects.

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Lean Canvas for Internal Projects

Use the Lean Canvas for Internal Projects to easily apply Lean Startup principles to internal company projects.

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