Pitch Planning Canvas

Use the Pitch Planning Canvas to build the outline of your pitch. We’ve simplified the entire pitch creation process into a one-pager that shows you how to take an audience of budget-holders or investors from skeptical to enthralled.

Pitch Checklist and Pitch Planning Canvas


What's it for?

As an intrapreneur or corporate entrepreneur, the single most important skill you MUST have is the ability to sell your idea to your boss, your team, your colleagues and your stakeholders. Maybe even external investors too.

The problem is, most corporate innovators have no experience of selling. In fact, the very idea of having to sell anything is very probably alien and possibly even scary.

We created the Pitch Planning Canvas to solve that problem. 

The Pitch Planning Canvas has 7 sections to guide you through creating each of the 7 crucial pieces of information you’ll need to include in your pitch if you're to win backing (and funding) for your idea.

Use the Pitch Planning Canvas when you prepare to pitch your idea. Plus, we’ve also included our Pitch Planning Checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything out.

How to Get Started

Step 1.

Gather together all the information you've already collected about your customer, the market place, the competition and your business model.

Step 2.

Take some time to think about who you're pitching to and what their goals and motivations are. This will guide how you position your idea.

Step 3.

Work through boxes 1-6, in order, ideally with your team. Use Post-It notes to collect all your ideas together first.  Then review and refine. All the time bear in mind your audience's goals and consider how you can align your pitch to their interests.

Step 4.

Play devil's advocate. Brainstorm all the possible objections that your audience might possibly come up with. As a starting point use the triggers: Who? What? Why? Where? How? Write talking points in bullet form for each objection.

Step 5.

Prepare your pitch deck and practice your pitch with a friendly audience before you first deliver it for real.


Despite what some people might think, a good pitch deck is designed to be presented not read. Don't be tempted to put too much detail in the deck. Instead, if necessary, be prepared to share hand-outs that include all the detailed numbers that some investors tend to like in a deck.

The Pitch Planning Canvas is one of the tools we teach in the Intrapreneurship Mastery Training Program.

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Pitch Checklist and Pitch Planning Canvas

Use the Pitch Planning Canvas to build the outline of your pitch. We’ve simplified the entire pitch creation process into a one-pager that shows you how to take an audience of budget-holders and stakeholders from skeptical to enthralled.

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