Training for Aspiring Intrapreneurs

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Our Philosophy

What makes our training so highly effective? It all comes down to these 3 critical factors.

Actionable Content

All our courses are designed to be highly actionable. We focus on teaching tools and templates that you can take away and apply immediately in your business. 

Coaching Approach

No one gets it all right first time around. All of our sessions have a strong emphasis on group discussion, coaching and constructive feedback to help the key points bed in.

True Expert Instructors

We aren't rent-a-trainer delivering a stock course. We're experts who live and breathe this stuff. We've made all the mistakes ourselves and have the scars to prove it!

Courses and Workshops

Here are some of the most popular training options we've created that will help you rapidly innovate, develop new products and launch them successfully.

Intrapreneur Mastery Roadmap Brochure

Discover how to Create the Products and Services Customers Really Want, and Will Pay For (as Quickly as a Start-up).

A 9-week small group coaching programme delivered online or in-person. Work in teams to develop, test and validate your idea before pitching it to execs in your company.

Intrapreneurs meeting with internal board

Discover how to lead and motivate intrapreneurs to get the best results from your innovation teams.

A 1-day course for anyone in a leadership role working alongside intrapreneurs. Learn how to evaluate a business model, set appropriate goals and implement good governance for projects.

Intrapreneur writing on a whiteboard

Align all staff around the same goal so that "culture clashes" between innovation teams and operational teams are avoided.

A half-day training course for anyone who might interact with an intrapreneurial project team. Understand why innovation is key to company growth, how intrapreneurs think,  and why projects are being run differently to "normal".

Ideation workshop

Generate dozens, if not hundreds, of non-obvious ideas to solve real business problems.

A highly interactive 1-day workshop for teams. Work together to learn the tools and tactics that could uncover new ideas that will drive company growth.

Playing Lean Game in Action

Discover how to run innovation projects with a facilitated startup simulation exercise "Playing Lean".

Learn and practice the core lean innovation skills such as customer focus, experimentation and structured learning in a safe and fun environment.

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What People Are Saying

Marius T.

Innovation Director

To keep it very simple – brilliant. This is the best training we've had in 10 years. Everyone is really energized. You can see people's mindset changing.

Alison S.

Senior Manager

This workshop was loads of fun! Really engaging, a great use of our time and being creative. We should have loads more of these. Everyone in the company should do it.


Team Manager

This was a genuinely brilliant course... I can honestly say I have been hanging on your words throughout the sessions. It demystified the role of an entrepreneur and outlined a clear process that is very transferrable into the big corporate world.

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