Building High Performing Teams for Innovation

How to develop a culture of structured experimentation and continuous learning to drive innovation and growth

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Driving INNOVATION with High Performing Teams

What Is It?

Every organization follows a set of best practices. Some may be company-wide and formalized like ISO9000 or Six Sigma. Others may be team-level operational processes. 

In some cases, these best practices live up to their name and make the company faster and more competitive.

But in many more cases, they only serve to frustrate us with their inefficiencies.

And yet so often, our teams continue to ‘just follow the process’.

Why? Because it’s too hard and painful to get things to change. It’s “not our job”. And there’s no reward or recognition for doing it.

But if you’re trying to grow your business, there’s a BIG problem lurking here…

Great ideas come from spotting the problems people have with existing solutions and then proposing creative new alternatives. 

If you want to inspire everyone to play their part in company growth, change must start with the operational processes.

When we empower staff to challenge and improve processes, they get to practice entrepreneurial skills in a low-risk, safe environment.

In this training, we explore how to develop a culture of continuous learning and improvement – so that best practices become something to be incrementally improved rather than slavishly followed. 

We examine how to make it easy and rewarding for people to innovate. 

In short, we help your teams think more like entrepreneurs so that growth and innovation can evolve from anywhere in your company.

Working Remotely?

This training is available either as a traditional, in-person 1-day delivery, or as live online training delivered over Teams or Zoom in live training sessions.  

To find out more, contact us.

Where and how to discover opportunities for innovation that competitors may have missed

How to make it easy and rewarding for everyone to play their part in improving company performance

How to motivate teams to build self-improving processes and increase performance over time

How to create a “safe space” for teams to innovate within appropriate constraints

What You'll Learn

Discover how to effectively lead and support high-performing teams that drive improvement and innovation.


Driving Innovation with High Performing Teams

How to develop a culture of structured experimentation to drive innovation and growth.

Training Outline

In this 1-day training we'll start by giving you a broad overview of some key principles. Then we'll dive into the detail of how to take your team on a journey of innovation and continuous improvement.

You'll leave with a set of practical tools and techniques you can apply right away in your

Workshop Content

The Mindset of Self-Improving Teams

We start by looking at the overall process that intrapreneurs use on innovation projects, and how that differs from traditional projects. By the end of this segment you'll understand how these different ways of working require different management techniques to get the most from your team. 

The Best Process to use for Continuous Improvement

Here we'll look at the build-measure-learn process that underpins continuous improvement. We'll help you understand about the phases an innovation project goes through and where to focus your attention at each stage. 

Tools and Techniques to Uncover Opportunities for Growth

This is where the rubber really hits the road. In this highly interactive section we'll show the techniques serial entrepreneurs use to uncover the hidden problems that competitors miss. These are the problems that - if you can solve them - will reward you with revenue and growth for many years to come.

You'll get a chance to practice these skills in teams and get feedback from one of our coaches.

Setting Goals and Rewarding Progress

Finally we'll look at what how to set appropriate goals for your team, how to track progress against those goals and how and when to reward progress to maintain momentum and motivation.

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