Creative Ideation Workshop

Give your team the tools and tactics they need to uncover the ideas that will drive company growth.

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Creative IDEATION Workshop + Training

What Is It?

Innovation starts with ideation.

But coming up with good ideas is hard. And it's especially hard in a work environment!

If you're like most people, you probably find that you're most creative in the shower, or on a long walk. 

Back at work, you likely switch to delivery (or non-creative) mode – particularly if you have a role that requires you to analyze, assess or review other people's work.

For most of us it's unusual and strange to be in creative mode at the office. Doing so takes practice. But, crucially, it's a skill that can be learned.

Ideation is about creating lots of ideas quickly. And in this session we'll show how you can do just that.

Big ideas. Bold ideas. Feasible ideas. Impossible ideas. Even bad ideas.

In this combined training & workshop we'll guide your team through a structured set of ideation exercises that will gradually warm up their creative brains, then increasingly challenge them to go further and think bigger.

By the end of the session you'll walk away with dozens (if not hundreds) of uniquely interesting ideas. Each one of those could become the fuel for future company growth.  

What Our Clients Say

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Alison S.

Senior Manager

This workshop was loads of fun! Really engaging, a great use of our time and being creative. We should have loads more of these. Everyone in the company should do it.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of non-obvious ideas to solve real business challenges.

A set of ideation tools and practices you can use repeatedly with your teams.

Two rapid decision-making techniques you can use to avoid analysis paralysis.

A simple way of framing your chosen idea so that anyone can understand it’s value.

What You'll Get

Discover how to use Design Thinking techniques to, first of all, fully understand the challenge you’re facing, then consider all the available options (including some wild and fanciful ones), and finally zero-in on one idea to take forward.

1 Day Workshop

Creative Ideation Training

Use ALL of the creativity and diversity of your team to uncover the ideas that will drive your business forward.

Workshop Outline

This 1-day workshop is highly interactive. Expect to spend most of your time working in small groups at a whiteboard or flip chart. It works best when teams come prepared with some real business problems or challenges that they want to explore.

Workshop Content

Innovation 101

We start this workshop by busting a few myths and explaining to delegates what innovation is and what it isn't.  This helps attendees expand their horizons ready for the ideation exercises to come.

Current Trends

We inspire delegates by taking a brief look at current industry trends and map that onto your industry to show how it could be re-applied there.

Ideation Exercises

Enough of us talking. This is the core part of the workshop. We take the delegates through five small-group ideation exercises. Each exercise builds on the last. 

The exercises are designed to help delegates broaden their thinking, come up with more (creative and non-obvious) ideas, and challenge their beliefs and assumptions. 

Rapid Decision Making

With hundreds of ideas generated, you can't execute on them all. So which do you move forward with?

Here we introduce you to two techniques that will enable you to make a rapid decision without dominant characters, politics or other factors influencing the decision making process.

Explaining Your Value Proposition

Finally, you need to need to be able to explain your chosen concept in a clear and easy-to-understand way. This becomes your first lean hypothesis test.  Do colleagues, managers and customers understand what you are planning to offer? Does it come over as compelling? Would they use or buy it?

We show you how to brainstorm a compelling value proposition in 15 minutes so you can move ahead at pace.

Linda Cheung

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