An Introduction to Intrapreneurship

Learn the innovation management process used by intrapreneurs and how you can help make innovation projects a success.

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An Introduction to Intrapreneurship

What Is It?

No project can run in isolation. And innovation projects are no exception.

To take ideas through to a successful launch, intrapreneurs inevitably have to collaborate with people outside their core team.

They’ll often need the help and support of people in the business unit to which their idea relates.

But more importantly, they’ll certainly need the help of people who, for some, can be seen as ‘gatekeepers’, or even blockers of innovation. 

We’re talking about the people who have governance responsibilities in your company: People in Finance, Legal, IT, Information Security, HR, Branding and more.

An Introduction to Intrapreneurship is ideal for all people in all these roles – and anyone else who needs to work with an intrapreneurial project team to make it a success.

In this course we’ll introduce you to the process that intrapreneurs follow, you’ll get a solid understanding of all the key concepts, and you’ll walk away able to envisage when and how you can work with intrapreneurs to enable the project to be a success.

In short, this course will get everyone aligned on the same goal – enabling the company to rapidly and systematically experimentinnovate and grow

Working Remotely?

This training is available either as a traditional, in-person half-day delivery, or as live online training delivered over Teams or Zoom in live training sessions.  

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An understanding of the problem intrapreneurship solves (and why these projects are not being run like 'normal' projects)

An overview of the process intrapreneurs use, and the implications for external stakeholders

A common language to use when working with intrapreneurs

How to help facilitate the success of an innovation project

What You'll Learn

Discover how to effectively collaborate with intrapreneurial project teams to help them make the project a success

Half-Day TRAINING Course

An Introduction to Intrapreneurship

Learn how innovation projects work, and how you can help drive intrapreneurial projects to success.

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