Leading Innovation and Managing Intrapreneurs

Your innovation management toolkit for leading intrapreneurial teams and projects.

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What Is It?

Innovation projects – by definition – have big, bold goals.

And so, it stands to reason that the risks (and potential rewards) are big too.

If you're like most companies, you're still working with business plans, Gantt charts and business case justification documents.

These don’t work with innovation projects – because the plan of the original pitch is often far too optimistic, and contains far too many unknowns to be used as a real forecast.

To deliver on your ambitions for the company you need to be able to fund projects without knowing the ROI in advance.

You need to allow intrapreneurs the space to experiment within appropriate constraints.

You need an innovation management framework that is designed for conditions of extreme uncertainty.

In this training we’ll introduce you to that framework: A set of proven, scientific, entrepreneurial management processes and tools to deliver the "how" of intrapreneurship.

We’ll show you how it’s possible to chase those big, hairy, audacious goals without “betting the company” and the process to use to enable your innovators to systematically turn ideas into successful new products and services.

Working Remotely?

This training is available either as a traditional, in-person 1-day delivery, or as live online training delivered over Teams or Zoom in live training sessions.  

To find out more, contact us.

How to read, assess and provide constructive feedback on a business model

How to set appropriate goals for innovation teams based on the stage of their project

How to use metrics to measure growth, and how frequently you should review progress

How to implement a governance model including deciding when and how to fund and kill projects

What You'll Learn

Discover how to effectively fund, lead, manage and set goals for innovation projects and intrapreneurs, including, vitally, managing the risks of innovation.


Leading Innovation and Managing Intrapreneurs

Discover an innovation management framework for managing intrapreneurial teams, projects and risks.

Training Outline

In this 1-day training we'll start by giving you a broad overview of the process that intrapreneurs follow to take their project from idea to launch. Then we'll dive into the detail of how to effectively manage that process and inspire your intrapreneurs to success.

Workshop Content

The Intrapreneurial Process Model

We start by looking at the overall process that intrapreneurs use on innovation projects, and how that differs from traditional projects. By the end of this segment you'll understand how these different ways of working require different management techniques to get the most from intrapreneurs. 

Working with Business Models

Here we'll look at some example business models that intrapreneurs will be creating. We'll help you understand about the phases an innovation project goes through and where to focus your attention and comments as you review each stage. 

Effective Governance for Innovation Projects

How much funding should you give an innovation project, and when? How much scope should you give intrapreneurs to set their own trajectory? How do you manage risks when you are not sure what the end result will look like? And how do you know when an innovation project has run its course and the time has come to shut it down?

In this section we'll address all these questions and more as we show you how to create a light-touch governance model that gives intrapreneurs freedom to explore the most profitable path whilst also minimising risks to the company. 

Setting Goals and Measuring Progress

Finally we'll look at what metrics you should use to measure progress, how to set appropriate goals based on the current stage of the innovation project, and how and when to review progress with innovation teams.  

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