Innovation & ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING for Public Sector and Non-Profit

Create Products and Services that Deliver Social Good AND Generate Income

The Public Sector Is Different

What You've Told Us...

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About Public Sector Funding

"We've cut things as much as we can. We can't reduce costs any more and maintain existing service levels."

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About The Need for Innovation

"We need big, bold ideas that will generate new income streams, and yet, also benefit the residents and businesses on our patch."

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About Managing the Risks

"We can't take big risks with public funds. We need a process that helps us weed out the bad ideas and take the good ones forward."

Leading Organisations Trust Our Work

Create profitable innovations that fill gaps left by private sector operators    

Do You Know All The Steps Required to Create a Profitable Innovation?

  • How to spot an unmet need in the market?
  • How to test whether your idea is viable before investing thousands on development?
  • How best to balance the need for profit with social good?
  • How to measure progress when you're not 100% sure what the end goal is?
  • How to win-over the naysayers in your organisation?
  • How to manage risk without the bureaucracy?
  • How to price your offer at the right level?
  • Where to find customers and how to sell to them?
Mark Bower

Hi, I'm Mark Bower

Co-Founder, Intrapreneur Nation

I’ve spent most of my career flipping between startups, public sector and large corporations, helping aspiring innovators bring new products and services to life.

Innovation used to be something that only entrepreneurs did. But things have changed! Funding cuts, the rising cost of living and increased competition for charitable donations mean that public sector and non-profits are increasingly asking us to help them become more commercial.

The good news? Thanks to modern tools and processes it’s now easier than ever to test an idea to see if it’s any good, and then share it with the world.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you, and at Intrapreneur Nation we know what works, what doesn’t and how to navigate this industry like an expert.

We've Helped Hundreds of Innovators Turn Ideas Into Products and Services

Across Many Different Categories

What's Included In Our Public Sector Innovation Programmes

Coaching Meeting

Your Own Personal Coach

The biggest value in partnering with Intrapreneur Nation is having 24/7 access to your own personal, one-to-one coach (at a fraction of the cost of actually having a full-time consultant!)

Our training programmes are designed so that you can get support (by voice, video or message) whenever you need help. Forget having to wait for next week's session… you can ask questions whenever you have them, without limit.

By investing in expert guidance, you’ll go further and faster, make fewer errors, and launch your product to success.

Innovation Roadmap

A Step-By-Step Innovation Framework

When work with us, you’ll get access to our Innovation Roadmap, which outlines the entire process of launching a new innovation. You’ll be able to see the big picture with clarity, along with each step you need to take to design, test, and launch your offer - without spending a fortune.

This roadmap covers team structure, customer research, market analysis, prototyping, risk management, internal political considerations, growth metrics, governance, pitching and much more. Use it as a master plan for your innovation and you’ll be light years ahead of everyone operating without a plan!

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Support And Direction

When we work with you, we’ll review each step you take towards your goal and give you honest and specific feedback about how to improve and what to do next. This includes your business model, value proposition, positioning, growth targets, profit goals, marketing approach and more.

Expert support and direction is what gives you that extra edge… the quality you can’t always put your finger on, but that you just know when you see it. It's what attracts customers to you rather than your competitors! You’ll benefit immensely from having seasoned, personalized support available to you as you launch your offer.

5 Star Rated Service

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, using a wide variety of business models across diverse product categories. And 90% of those past delegates give us a 5-star rating!

To help people achieve their innovation goals, we go beyond providing training; Intrapreneur Nation programmes provide coaching and accountability too. There is a reason professional athletes, executives, actors etc. all rely on coaches to be at their best – you need someone outside yourself to help you push through creative and mental blocks, maintain your stamina, and stay committed to your goals! 

This 360° approach, combined with our deep knowledge of intrapreneurship and business building, is why we have a proven track record of helping corporate innovators launch.

Innovation Tools and Templates

Tools & Templates

Get access to the must-have tools and templates for intrapreneurs. Examples include:

  • Customer Viability
  • Market Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Growth Metrics
  • Risk Modelling

And more!

What People Are Saying

Marius T.

Innovation Director

To keep it very simple – brilliant. This is the best training we've had in 10 years. Everyone is really energized. You can see people's mindset changing.

Alison S.

Senior Manager

This workshop was loads of fun! Really engaging, a great use of our time and being creative. We should have loads more of these. Everyone in the company should do it.


Team Manager

This was a genuinely brilliant course... I can honestly say I have been hanging on your words throughout the sessions. It demystified the role of an entrepreneur and outlined a clear process that is very transferrable into the big corporate world.

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Theresa S.

Project Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and the toolkit provided. Linda and Mark have both been passionate, supportive and yet challenging of our ideas. It really helped me focus on the right things.

Smiling Business Woman

Marianna W.

Support Manager

I loved the constant encouragement and recommendations, The sessions were very natural with lots of relevant examples. Feedback was specific and thorough with lots of great tips on how to improve.

Business woman headshot

Marianne A.

Team Lead

It's applied, not theoretical. There's a pace, trajectory and a clear output. The coaching feedback was always informative, balanced and there – even when I submitted it at the last minute! Thank you :)

What Makes Intrapreneur Nation Different?

We deliver small group coaching and training over 10+ weeks to achieve momentum and genuine results

Intrapreneur Nation

  • Contact us "on demand" — whenever/however you need help throughout the duration of your programme.
  • Coaches who can speak from experience as innovators in large organisations. 
  • Flexible programmes — we can adapt to your specific needs and spend more time where you need it most.
  • Low risk. Start with just an ideation session if you want. Try us out, see if you'd like to work with us some more — we're sure you will! 

Other Options

  • Most alternatives offer only training at scheduled times or scheduled group drop-in calls.
  • Trainers who can deliver a course, but lack any true insight.
  • Standard off-the-shelf training programmes with no scope for customisation.
  • Forced to make a large up-front investment.

Intrapreneur Nation Works for Almost Any Type of Innovation

Whatever type of idea you have, we can show you how to take it forward — one step at a time!









And More!

Here's How to Get Started...

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Sign Up for One of Our Programmes

As soon as you're able to open a slot in your calendar, we can start working closely with you on your idea!

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Develop Your Idea with the Help of an Expert

Get a proven, structured process, small group coaching, business templates and more. 

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Launch a Successful Product or Service

Build a service that customers really want and will pay for (and that delivers social good too).

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Get started with a free consult. Tell us about your challenges and what kind of help you're looking for. We'll give some practical advice on how to move forward, and provide some options for you to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have some questions about this service. Can I talk to someone?

Of course! Drop us a message and we'll setup a call. Click here to get started.

Does this really work in the public sector?

It really does. We've helped people in the public sector develop their ideas across many different categories — services, events, retail, software and more.

I only have an initial idea right now. Do I need to be any further along to get started?

This is a great place to start. You can follow all the best practices from the beginning.  We'll guide you through everything you need to do, step-by-step.

I don't have an idea for a product at all. Is that a problem?

Not at all. We can show you how to come up with dozens of ideas for a problem you want to solve.  So long as you have an idea of either the type of customer you'd like to work with or the problem you want to solve — that's all you need to get started.

Will I be working directly with Linda or Mark?

Yes, you'll be working with at least one of us as you launch your project. We always make sure to work in-person with our new clients so we can learn and adapt and give you the best service we can.

How much time do I need to commit to doing this?

Our programmes are a combination of training plus coaching. The goal is for you to develop your idea over the course of around 10-12 weeks. You should plan to commit to attending the training & coaching sessions every 2 weeks plus have time scheduled in-between to actually work on your idea.

What makes our programmes so successful is that they aren't just theoretical training. We work with you to move your project forward. 

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